Monday, July 06, 2009

2.67 Median Was So Three Years Ago

Had I been one to care about things like class rank, I’d probably get upset graduating with people that never experienced the old grading system. Below is the current distribution for 3L's:

Top 10% 3.49 & above
15% 3.44
20% 3.40
25% 3.37
30% 3.33
33% 3.32
35% 3.31
40% 3.28
45% 3.24
50% 3.17
55% 3.14
60% 3.10
65% 3.04
70% 3.00
75% 2.93
80% 2.88
85% 2.75
90% 2.66

Totally unrelated, it’s been 14 days since The Vested One last taught class and Jim Wren seems to be fine with that.


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